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“Recorded between 2001 and 2013, FORMATIVE is a compilation of unmastered acoustic demos, live recordings, and instrumentals tracked in various locations around Wilmington, Charlotte, and Nashville. These songs in their stripped down versions were born out of heartache, joy, and made me into the musician I am today. These were my formative years. Hope you enjoy (and have ample time on your hands).”



A native Charlottean, Ryan Brooks' music offers a diverse perspective on the human experience. Inspired by life's lessons with a dose of coastal influence, Ryan's connectivity to his songwriting is showcased in his live performances and audience engagement. Having toured the Eastern Seaboard and Midwest he's had the opportunity to perform at celebrated venues such as the Bitter End (NYC), Uncommon Ground (Chicago), and the Fillmore (Charlotte). He was also provided the opportunity to open for Nashville recording artist and Grammy award winner Brad Paisley. With a syncopated rhythmic playing style and an ever expanding catalog of original material, Ryan continues to further his music career and is currently in the studio working on a new album.

Ryan's album "FORMATIVE" is currently available on all digital outlets.

Performing solo and with Charlotte based outfit the Bearded Buddhas on select dates.

For booking/pricing inquiries, please email booking@ryanbrooksmusic.com or contact via social media.



The Bearded Buddhas - 2015 Demo / Highlight Reel. Recorded live @ Triple C Brewery. Videography by Bradford Ray Bailey.

The Bearded Buddhas - Live @ OMB 3.10.18 - Performing Ryan Brooks original song, “Carry You Home.”

The Bearded Buddhas - Live @ OMB 6.30.18 - Performing a cover of Rebelution’s song “Bright Side of Life.” All copyrights and ownership to Rebelution.


📸: Amanda Brummett

📸: Amanda Brummett

📸 : Audrey Gorrell Schemmer

📸 : Audrey Gorrell Schemmer




STUDIO UPDATE - The Moment EP slated for Fall release

Stoked to announce that tracking is progressing nicely on the new EP and Camp Brooks is looking to a Fall release date. I’ve been working closely with Clee Laster of Simplified and we’re both amped for the vision and direction this project is taking.

I’m calling it The Moment EP because all we ultimately have are moments. Life is composed of various, seemingly unrelated moments stitched together and we in essence become the sum of those moments. Moments that slowly run together like river droplets to form seconds, days, years, decades. All those years layered on top of each other, that tick by with ease the older we get, becoming less and less visible in our mind’s eye, will still only ever be just one long, drawn out moment. YOURS and OUR moment. OWN this moment and all your moments because it’s all you’ll ever have.

I’m excited for the world to hear these tunes. Check back soon for more updates… Peace - RB


What’s up guys - Lots of cool things lined up in the comings months! I’m headed into the studio with Clee Laster of Simplified this week to start work on my new album. Excited to dive into some new material and brush the dust off some old tunes. More to come on that front…

Be sure to check the upcoming show schedule to catch me and the band out and about around Crown Town. Several notable events coming up such as the Evening Muse show supporting Laura Nicholson on 8/15 (Tix $8/$10) and the Around the Crown 10K Expo on 8/31.

Reach out on socials or via email to booking@ryanbrooksmusic.com for booking/pricing/other info. Cheers - RB


Welcome to my new website. Be sure to check out the upcoming show dates and stream/buy the new album FORMATIVE available on all digital outlets. Peace - RB